Eat8 is an online intermediary between restaurants and customers. As such Eat8 is not liable to the customers if orders have been processed incorrectly or not within the specified time frame.


Very occasionally there may be an issue with a restaurant for which a customer may wish to request a full refund. This refund is at the discretion of the restaurant owner and the customer must first contact the restaurant on the telephone number provided in the "confirmation email". If the owner agrees to the refund please send an email to team@Eat8 and we will refund your money as requested by the restaurant owner. If a customer is dissatisfied with the response given by the restaurant owner then please email us and we will investigate on your behalf.


Eat8 will do its best to is to keep prices displayed on the website up to date but will bear no responsibility if this is not the case. Eat8 will work along with its partner restaurants to keep customer satisfaction high and will aim at meeting customers' expectations of price. However, Eat8 has no direct control over the restaurants and has no power to change prices without the consent of the restaurant.


Should an item be unavailable, customers will be contacted by the restaurant to discuss their preferences of eventually replacing the unavailable dish. If the customer is paying cash on delivery, he or she may amend the order and agree on a new total value to pay upon receipt. If the customer has paid online, he or she will not be refunded for the unavailable item. In such cases the customer will only have the choice of an alternative item of approximately the same value and quality.


Cancellations are generally not accepted after an order has been placed. Customers are welcome to email and we will do our best to arrange a cancellation with the restaurant. However, Eat8 cannot provide any guarantees as the restaurant may have already started with the cooking processes.
One exception to the general cancellation policy is for orders placed in advance. If a customer places an order in advance, i.e. from a restaurant that has not opened yet or for a later time on the same evening, he or she will be granted a cancellation provided that Eat8 has been notified of this well in advance.


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